Thursday, April 26, 2007

You & Me of the 10,000 Wars

Ok, so my best friend told me that I needed a blog so that she can harass me as I harass her on her blog. So Cap, here it is, be patient with me (yeah, like that'll happen) I am a new blogger.

I am not really sure what I will talk about here, some days maybe a political rant or 2 (stop rolling your eyes Cap) or maybe I'll just talk about the new business I am trying to start. I also have a 16 year old boy so I am sure I will discuss him some.

Stay tuned.


CapricornCringe said...

I didn't tell you to get a blog. Did I? It must have been the fever talking.

Soulkeeper said...

Yes, yes you did. See quote--- "Soul - now that you have a computer, get a blog so I can disturb you, too."