Monday, April 30, 2007

Whose turn is it anyway?

Since I made my first post 4 days ago I've debated on how I want to use this blog, what opinions do I want to voice and will anyone give a shit? Do I want this to be a blog for light-hearted fluffy bunny crap? Nahh, I am a pretty cynical person and I don't think I like people much. Do I want to use this blog to push my particular political agenda? Well, I do have some strong opinions on what is happening these days so I am likely to put them out there but I don't think I want that to be the prime focus. Do I want to allow the entire world into my little corner? Sure, why not? I am way too old to be bothered by what people think of me or my life. If they find something to connect to then great, if not I am just fine with that also.

So, what did I decide? I chatted with a friend today who told me "just write, you can write", she also said she would deny that if ever asked so let's not tell her I told y'all, ok? It'll be our little secret!

Stay tuned for me "just writing."

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